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  • No risk, no downtime, no cost, no commitment.
  • Fully automated, simple to use.
  • 5-minute installation.
  • Only 1 Click to execute the fixes you choose.

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What Is CloudFix?

Automated, Scalable AWS Cost Optimization - Simplified

CloudFix does all the heavy lifting, freeing your devops team to focus on the work they would much rather be doing. It constantly monitors your AWS environment looking for cost saving opportunities. And when found and displayed for your review, all it takes is 1 click in your clean, simple dashboard to have CloudFix execute them. It is definitely AWS cost optimization simplified!

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Analyzes AWS resource usage patterns and savings plan settings to identify and display cost saving recommendations.

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Executes the cost saving recommendations that you choose with no downtime and no performance risks.

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AWS cost savings have reached up to 50% for some accounts. And don’t forget about all the engineering time saved.

Become An AWS Cloud Budget Hero

Run CloudFix To Maximize Your AWS Cost Savings

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Zero Down Time + No Engineering Resources + You Already Own It

Why CloudFix?

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Our FinderFixer technology does all the work finding AWS cost optimizations and then executing them with 1 click.

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CloudFix is strategically focused only on optimizations that require no downtime and cause no performance risks.

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Creates 2 IAM roles with restricted API permissions. Encrypted data transfers. Rollback snapshots available.

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Broad Coverage

Finds and fixes AWS cost optimization opportunities in EC2 cRI, EBS, and S3 with more coming soon.

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Synced With AWS

Our algorithms are updated each time AWS modifies their technology, savings plans, or optimization guidelines.

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Highly Scalable

CloudFix is fully automated and is constantly analyzing your cloud environment looking for opportunities.

Run CloudFix in Parallel To Your Existing Cost Optimization Initiatives To See What It Can Find and Fix

You Already Own It - So Why Not?


How It Works


Unlock your Aurea Unlimited CloudFix instance. You already own it.


Login and click “Add New AWS Account” to run our 5 minute Cloud Formation template.


Finder and Fixer IAM roles with restricted permissions are created in your AWS account.


Recommendations are displayed for review in your simple, clean CloudFix dashboard.


Select desired recommendations and with 1 click CloudFix will execute the changes.

Automated FinderFixer Technology
  • Optimizes your EC2 cRIs, EBS volumes, and S3 objects. More optimizations are coming soon.
  • Tracks annualized savings by category, AWS account, or region.
  • Frees your team to work on growth projects.
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How Do You Already Own CloudFix?

Your Aurea Unlimited Program Membership

  • {{company | Your organization}} has an Aurea Unlimited subscription.
  • And, you benefit from this subscription by having immediate access to CloudFix, at no additional cost.
  • Think of Aurea Unlimited as the Netflix of Enterprise Software.  Your subscription to one product unlocks every solution in Aurea’s library.

Maximize Your AWS Cost Optimization Results. See What CloudFix Can Find and Fix

You Already Own It - So Why Not?

Cloud Cost Optimization:
10 Lessons Learned from Scanning 45k AWS Accounts

Before we built CloudFix, we tried optimizing our own AWS costs using a wide range of manual approaches and 3rd party tools. Unfortunately, cost saving opportunities were missed far too often. And executing fixes for all the possible opportunities was just not a scalable option.

With 45k AWS accounts requiring cost optimization, we were highly motivated to build a powerful, yet simple solution: CloudFix..

This eBook shares the lessons we learned in this journey. We hope you can apply some of these lessons to streamline your own cloud cost optimization efforts.

CloudFix FAQs