Nonstop AWS cost savings

CloudFix is the automatic, always-running way to optimize AWS cost and performance.
Control AWS costs with CloudFix

CloudFix scans your AWS accounts, identifies new cost savings opportunities, and automatically implements fixes – around the clock. Unlike tools that just find one-off savings, CloudFix runs continuously in the background, so you can realize 15-60% per AWS service in compounding savings.


Savings per AWS service

Find. Fix. Save. Repeat.


CloudFix continuously scans your AWS environment for savings opportunities and performance enhancements. It focuses on smaller “fixes” that have a big impact at scale, and flags only the optimizations that AWS has already identified as risk free.


Unlike tools that only find savings, CloudFix actually runs the optimizations – easily and automatically. Every fix is no-risk, AWS-recommended, and guaranteed not to cause downtime. Plus, CloudFix’s least privilege model makes sure you’re always secure.


With CloudFix, you not only see immediate savings, your savings continue to grow over time. We’re always adding new fixers and adapting to your dynamic environment, so your AWS cost savings build like compounding interest.

AWS cost optimization made easy

CloudFix takes the complexity out of AWS cost optimization. We keep up with the firehose of AWS releases and recommendations, so you don’t have to.

Fixers, not just finders

Take action on the dozens of AWS updates released every week, simply, securely, and with control.

Easy and automatic

With CloudFix, your IT team can focus on business value instead of tracking, testing, and implementing manual fixes.


Every CloudFix “fixer” is pre-vetted and tested in partnership with AWS to ensure zero risk and zero service interruption.

Nonstop AWS savings

CloudFix runs continuously in the background to keep finding and fixing new savings opportunities — all day, every day.

How CloudFix fits

Complement your AWS cost savings strategy

CloudFix fills in the gaps between visualization tools and AWS cost optimization solutions designed for heavier lifts. By automating smaller fixes at scale, CloudFix ensures that you don’t leave any money on the table.

Why companies love CloudFix

CloudFix has exceeded my expectations. Not only have we seen significant savings, but we have also implemented a repeatable, scalable process that is simple to institutionalize and expand.Jahid Khandakar, CIOWestern Digital
CloudFix saves us a tremendous amount of money with very little effort. Most of the other AWS cost savings tools we tried promised this, but CloudFix actually delivered.Jeremy Anderson, Cloud ArchitectConn’s HomePlus

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