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At CloudFix, we’re 100% committed to AWS – the operating system of the future.

AWS cost optimization you can trust

CloudFix makes it easy and affordable to go all-in on AWS. By optimizing costs and keeping up with best practices, your business can get more from existing AWS services and increase bandwidth to adopt new ones.

Our AWS Story

15+ years of AWS collaboration

CloudFix Founder and Chief Evangelist Rahul Subramaniam began working with AWS in 2007, shortly after it launched. Rahul recognized that AWS had changed the game, providing products that shifted the onus on technology teams from writing code to consuming services. The cost of that consumption, however, can add up – which is why Rahul built CloudFix.

Technology that evolves with AWS

CloudFix operates in lockstep with AWS, collaborating with product managers to understand what new services are launching and how current products are changing. This advanced technology sharing ensures that as AWS evolves, CloudFix does too. Just as AWS constantly releases new offerings, CloudFix continuously updates its fixer library to help customers achieve always-increasing value.

Top-to-bottom AWS architecture

Every product from Aurea, CloudFix’s parent company, is built top-to-bottom on AWS core services. From Change Manager to IAM to Config to CloudWatch, CloudFix builds on AWS core services to simplify cost management with maximum ease and security. Because we stitch together frameworks that AWS recommends, everything that CloudFix does is already AWS recommended.

Cost optimization for every AWS customer

CloudFix connects to most of the top AWS services, including AWS Glue, AWS Athena, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, AWS SNS, and AWS System Manager / Change Manager. Whether you are just beginning to leverage AWS or use numerous products with a spend in the millions, CloudFix can reduce costs, improve performance, and empower your team to keep up with every AWS innovation.

How CloudFix integrates with AWS

CloudFix worked closely with AWS to implement their best practice of a least privilege model by leveraging all the native AWS tooling in the customer’s environment. CloudFix only uses a minimal set of data in its dashboard to track the compounding savings realized with the tool.

AWS customers save with CloudFix

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The #1 podcast dedicated to AWS

Episode #5:

To Code Or Not To Code? Just Cloud API Instead!


Alex Hudson

Advisory CTO and Principal at Freeman Clarke

Rahul says code no longer matters because it has such a short half-life. He is obsessed with cloud APIs instead. Says they are fully managed, more efficient and cheaper and they can help you get from a million lines of code down to 10 thousand per app. So Rahul invited Alex Hudson, CTO for hire, on the show to debate “to code or not to code.” That is this episode’s question.

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